How to Fold Thongs

Erotic thongs – are considered sexy for a reason. They are miniscule and cover just the essentials while enhacing the derriere. If you’ve already invested in a sexy thong, and you’ve washed it, and it’s come up in the laundry ready to be put away, you might be wondering how you go about folding it. Indeed, it’s not like any other item of clothing you own, consisting merely of a tiny patch of fabric and a few strings.

While it might be tempting just to wad them up and fling them haphazardly into your panty draw, keeping all your panties nice and neat can help you maximize space in your drawers while making it so that you can find the pair of panties you want to wear when you want to wear them.

There are actually a couple of different ways to fold a thong. One way is to begin by laying the thong on a flat surface. Lay it front side down. Fold each side in to the middle. Then fold the crotch up to the top of the thong’s panty line.

If that way has too many steps for you, then you can always roll the thong into a bundle. In fact, rolling panties into a bundle seems to be the preferred method of many retailers like Victoria’s Secret. If you ever walk into a Victoria’s Secret store, you’ll notice that most of the panties under their displays are rolled into pretty bundles and stacked neatly into drawers. To roll your thong in a bundle, simply lay it flat, grip the bottom and roll up until you meet the top of the thong. Consider rolling all your panties, thongs, high-cuts and more, into bundles to create a cohesive drawer that’s organized seamlessly. You can even get dividers to divide your panties into separate compartments within your drawer.

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